BBB short for Basic Building Blocks was inspired from a quest to revolutionise the way we experience living. We are in a world where people are no longer tied to one country, city or continent - more and more we are becoming world travellers, seeking new adventures, careers and leaving our homelands in search for ‘something more’.

Our unique cutting edge technology allows you to create a home or workplace that fits your requirements at any given time in your journey of life.

With our busy lives in cities and suburbs, we are more increasingly drawn to nature, forever looking to escape to lush forests, mountains and streams. Hotels are no longer as appealing when compared with the beauty of pristine surroundings and glamping is becoming very popular. Hence BBB concept is intended to solve this quest by facilitating dynamic accommodation, anywhere thus taking glamping to a whole new level. Our units can be erected in less than a week, they can be extended or reduced in size, and you can pack them up and take them to a new location without damaging the units or the surroundings.

The ability to adapt the size, style and location allows you to break free from the burden of traditional living and gives you the autonomy to build your home/office to a size of your choice, where you want, with minimal effort and bureaucracy.

BBB is part of a vision that goes far beyond the building of versatile living solutions, it forms part of a new way of life where great minds come together, this new way of life is the future and it is called Sci Park. Sci Park will be built solely out of BBB units and will bring together the futures most dynamic community.

BBB was inspired by Sci Park, initially intended as a megapolis project, but then the idea of a ‘dynamic real-estate’ was more appealing - not limiting versatility to just your initial project or individual living or business area, but extending it to a motion space adapting to your current demand and flashing an idea of future structure of a community or even a country.

Anton Popov, the founder of both Sci Park and BBB is a visionary with worldly experience spanning across multiple areas, he personally put together the idea of a community where the only limit is your imagination, encompassing the beauty of nature, progressive thinkers and state-of-art living solutions.

Team Lead Profile

Our team Lead Anton Popov has over 20 years experience in construction management ranging from private housing to nuclear power plants. Anton was holding key positions in the construction of nuclear power plants that span the globe. With Masters degrees in both physics and Banking Anton leads a team of specialists in Basic Building Blocks that strive to bring quality thru simplicity and versatility bringing you a building solution of the future today!